Silicon Unicore

Silicon steel Unicore

  • Applied materials: It can stably provide the world's first-class high-quality grain-oriented silicon steel sheet materials (Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Shougang, Nippon Steel NSC, Kawasaki JFE, Pohang POSCO, Armor AK), optional material thickness: 0.05, 0.08, 0.10mm Ultra-thin silicon steel sheet, 0.1mm super silicon steel sheet, 0.23, 0.27, 0.30, 0.35mm ordinary or high magnetic induction Hi-B silicon steel sheet.
  • Structural features: It is wound by a self-developed high-precision winding machine and shaped by high-vacuum heat treatment. It has stable performance, good linearity, accurate size, and unlimited shapes. Various shapes of iron cores can be made according to customer drawings. These cores are fabricated on grain oriented grain oriented silicon steel and are featured in both single phase and three phase electrical transformers.
  • Application fields: UNICORE technology is very flexible and does not require any fixed tools, such as various fixtures or mandrels, to enable customers to request fixtures, while greatly reducing production costs. UNICORE is used in power transformers with lower losses (approximately 30%) than cut core or EI laminated types through energy saving and size reduction of the core.
  • Specification range: Clamp meter made of silicon steel coiled iron core, the measurement accuracy can reach 0.2S level. It can be customized according to customer requirements to meet various specifications of customers.
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  • Explain

    The range of UNICORE for power transformers extends from 1000VA to 500KVA. UNICORE is mainly used for power and dielectric transformers using any grade of grain oriented silicon steel, which can be produced in different thicknesses (0,23 to 0,30 mm) and strip widths (20 to 300 mm).

    UNICORE can be produced with angles of 30° and 45°, depending on the application. DUO and DG cores can be produced in 1-2-3 steps with different installation times according to customer requirements. The weight of UNICORE can reach 1000 kg or more. The window size, accumulation, strip width and thickness, corner corner and type of UNICORE must be specified.

    Customized sizes are welcome, and can be customized according to customers to meet different needs of customers.

    Steel mill Grade


    23JGSD085/ 23JGH090

    Nippon Steel

    23ZDMH085/ 23ZH090


    GT-040/ GT-050/ GT-080/ GT-100


    B18R065/ B20R065 / B23P085


    23QG095 / 23RK085 / 20Q760


    23SQGD085 / 23SQG090

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