JFE 15JNEH1000 20JNEH1200 20JNEH1500

jfe 10jnex900 10jnhf600 15jnsf950 10jnrf 20jnrf 20jnhf1300 20JNEH1200


JFE N-CORE is so manufactured as to render magnetic properties almost uniform in any direction of the coil. Used mainly for medium and large rotating machines, and small transformers, JFE N-CORE contributes to improving machine efficiency.

JNEH is a core material which can achieve low core loss in the high frequency range.

Small Motors and Intermittent Service A.C. Motors.

Eletrical Vehicle Driving Motors.

Typical Electrical and Magnetic Properties

jfe 20JNEH1200 20JNEH1500 electrical and magnetic properties

20JNEH1200 High-Frequency Core Loss Curves

jfe 20JNEH1200 b-w high frequency core loss curves

20JNEH1200 High-Frequency Magnetization Curves

jfe 20jneh1200 b-h high frequency magnetization curves

Motor stator and rotor Core